Dinosaur Backpack Collection

Our bespoke Playzeez Dinosaur backpack collection is one that all kids will love.  At the moment Denzel the Dinosaur backpack is the only character within this collection, but we have plans to be adding his sister to the collection later this year.  Never the less we have various dinosaur backpacks printed with lovely colourful designs for boys and girls to enjoy.  We have a Dinosaur toddler backpack for children one to three years old and an older kids backpack for children six to nine years old, both of which can be found in our toddler backpack and school backpack sections in the menu bar above.


Meet Denzel the Dinosaur

Denzel was an angry dinosaur who didn't have many friends because he was always grumpy. He has very short arms so he finds it difficult to grab and hold his food. This frustrates him and makes him mad! One day Denzel saw Misty the Gorilla picking flies out from another gorilla's back. Denzel asked Misty why he was helping the other gorillas out? Misty told him "If you ever need help doing something you can't do, you should ask your friends for help!" Since that day, Denzel is no longer angry about his short arms being unable to reach and hold things because he can ask his new friends for help.

Now that you're fully acquainted, why don't you have a look at our super cute Denzel the Dinosaur Backpack.




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