Fantasy World Kids Backpack Collection

The Playzeez 'Fantasy World' Kids Backpack collection is currently comprised of Unicorn backpacks, with our only character being Aurora the unicorn Backpack.  We have a wide collection of bespoke mini Toddler Backpacks within our range for kids one to three years old.  Our inspiration for our 'Fantasy World' collection of unicorn Backpacks derived from the kids within our families as they all love unicorns, so we wouldn't have lived it down, if we didn't have unicorns within our Playzeez family collection.

Meet Aurora the Unicorn

Aurora was a unique unicorn who could only see colours in black and white.  One evening she noticed a strange sparkle in the sky.  She had been told by her friend Bella the Giraffe that it was the Aurora Borealis, which Aurora then remembered she had been named after.  She decided to climb high up into the hills to get a better view, when suddenly a sparkling light surrounded her!  When the light passed, her vision had been altered and she could now see all of the colours around her.  Aurora was delighted with her new vision and now searches the world for new colours to appreciate.

Is Aurora a character that your child would adore?  Click the link to view our Aurora the Unicorn Backpack.






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