How Playzeez Managed Covid 19 Impact.


The Challenges of Covid-19 for Playzeez

As a Kids backpack and accessory brand, we weren’t too sure when we heard rumours at the start of March how it would impact us as a business.  When the lockdown came, it didn’t take long for the realisation to kick in!

With the high street stores closing for 12 weeks and holidays being postponed, it resulted in orders being cancelled and customers not needing backpacks for travelling.  Like other local small businesses, we started to feel the strain and impact, which then happened again in the summer when all of the Schools in the UK & Ireland confirmed that children would not be allowed school bags and lunchboxes until further notice.  It’s now December and the vast majority of schools are still refraining from school bags and lunch boxes entering their buildings.

How Did We Respond?

Firstly, all we can say is local support has been fantastic!  Right up to now our customers have stood by us and been so loyal, plus the local business support has been amazing with everybody supporting each other and for that we are so grateful.  It’s amazing what can be achieved when people come together.

We were fortunate to connect with a few local kids boutiques and make arrangements for our ‘Kids backpacks and Accessories’ to go into their stores in July & August.  The Ladies were amazing and through them we managed to sell our range to new customers and grow, even in these times of uncertainty.  If the circumstances of this year were different, would we have grown more, who knows?  We look past the ‘what ifs’ and are grateful that we are still here.  We have amazing customers and friends who value Playzeez as a business and through their kindness, we are happy to say that we are still able to remain open, when sadly we know a lot of small businesses who have had to close their doors, which brings a dreadful feeling of sadness to our hearts.

How do We Plan to Tackle 2021?

With a sense of normality being projected for 2021 we are hoping that the economy will pick up, although it is forecast that there will be a lot more job loss and closing of businesses.  For this reason, we must be pragmatic and ‘Not keep all our eggs in one basket’.

We have plans in place for the Playzeez range to try and sustain the business through the tough times ahead in 2021.  We are excited and nervous at the same time, but we are ready to face the challenges ahead.


Photos with Local Kidswear Boutique Owners

Pictured below you can see Nonglak with Lynne from Lace and Lillies kidswear store in Limavady, Nonglak with Shannon and Marian from Bluebird Childrenswear in Ballymena and finally Aaron and Nonglak with Laura from Bumble and Bee Ballymoney.