In the Wild Kids Backpack Collection

The Playzeez 'In the Wild' kids backpack collection is comprised of a Panda Backpack, Gorilla Backpack, Fox Backpack and Snow Leopard Backpack.  The inspiration for these bags comes from our founder's love of animals and wanting to raise awareness around endangered species, which was the initial reason behind choosing the animals we did for the Playzeez range.  Nonglak is originally from Thailand and one of her favourite animals is a Panda and she is very passionate about them, given their vulnerability in the wild.  We hope to expand our 'In the Wild' kids backpack collection with toddler backpacks and older kids backpacks later this year.

Meet Pia the Panda

Pia loved to sleep, which is what she would spend most of her day doing. Although she had a problem, she was very prone to sleepwalking!  One day, Pia woke up at the top of a very tall tree and suddenly became very frightened because she wasn't very good with heights.  She cried out for help and luckily for Pia, her brother Ping had followed her.  He climbed up the tree and helped her back to the ground.  Ping now locks the door to their home and hides the key before they go to sleep, just in case his sister Pia decides to sleepwalk again.

Would your child love to take Pia on sleepovers?  Take a look at our Pia the Panda Backpack.


Meet Misty the Gorilla

Misty was a circus gorilla who spent most of his days performing for the general public.  He was kept in chains, which made him very unhappy!  One day, whilst the circus guard was walking by, Misty stealthily took the guard’s keys.  In the early hours of the morning when the guard was asleep, Misty opened the lock on his cage and escaped.  Misty quietly woke all of the other circus animals and helped to free them.  All of the animals escaped from the circus grounds that night without anyone noticing.  They are now free and happily living in the wild, thanks to Misty's daring escape plan.

If you love Misty, have a look at our Misty the Gorilla Backpack.

Meet Amber & Chase the Foxes

Chase was always getting his best friend Amber out of trouble.  One day, whilst out in the woods, Amber was caught unaware by a farmer's snare.  She had unfortunately gotten caught in a cage and needed to find a way out.  Luckily, Chase was close by and saw what had happened to her.  Using his cunning wit, Chase came up with a plan to help save Amber.  The farmer arrived with his shot gun and was about to shoot Amber!  As he lifted the cage and aimed his gun, Chase ran over and bit the farmer's ankle!  The distracted farmer screamed out in pain, giving Amber and Chase enough time to escape into the woods.  They would have to be more careful in the future as this would not fool the farmer again.

Love our best pals Amber and Chase?  Check out our Chase the Fox Backpack and Amber the Fox Backpack.


Meet Mya the Snow Leopard

Mya was an orphan snow leopard, who was raised in the mountain forest by a friendly group of Red Pandas.  One day, whilst out in the woods she spotted another animal that looked exactly like her.  Mya followed the animal all the way up into the high mountains and discovered that there were a lot more snow leopards like her.  A mother Leopard saw Mya and came running to greet her. She recognised Mya's face and realised that she was lost from the leap years ago! Now that she had been reunited with her family, Mya was no longer an orphan.

If you love Mya, you will adore our Mya the Snow Leopard Backpack.



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