On Safari Kids Backpack Collection

Our Playzeez 'On Safari' kids backpack collection was inspired by our founder's love for endangered animals.  We wanted to create a range of fun backpacks for kids to create awareness and educate them about the animals, which can be found on each animal's Individual swing ticket.  Our 'On Safari' kids backpack range currently consists of 5 animal characters created by our Playzeez team.  This bespoke collection consists of a Lion Backpack, Giraffe Backpack and Elephant backpack.  

Meet Zeus the Lion

Zeus was born the smallest of his Mother's 3 cubs. He would spend his time cowering away, whilst his brother and sister fought and played with each other ignoring him entirely.  One day, Zeus's parents were away when suddenly a clan of hyenas attacked his pride!  His brother and sister ran for safety in a nearby cave.  Zeus found the courage that he never knew he had and attacked the hyenas, driving them away.  Since that day, Zeus has become the strongest of his family and protects them anytime danger arises.

If you love Zeus, you'll love our Zeus the Lion Backpack.


Meet Bubbles the Elephant

Bubbles was a very forgetful elephant who was always getting lost. One day after swimming at the watering hole, Bubbles wondered off into the nearby woods. After a short period of time it became very dark and the woods felt ominous. Bubbles became very scared!  Luckily, there was a trail of wet muddy foot prints, which had been left from Bubble's big feet!  Bubbles decided to follow the Muddy trail back through the woods to the watering hole.  Bubbles is very cautious now and never goes on adventures alone anymore because of this spooky experience.

Did you love Bubble's story?  Have a look at our Bubbles the elephant Backpack.

Meet Bella & Brody the Giraffes

Bella the Giraffe is the youngest of her mother's children and always relied on her older brother Brody.  Bella was walking by the river one day when she saw a mother monkey in distress.  A baby monkey had fallen into the river and had gotten stuck on the other side.  Bella thought she could help by using her long neck but it just wasn't long enough to reach the baby monkey.  Worried, she loudly called for her older brother Brody for help because he was a lot taller than her.  Using his longer neck, Brody was able to stretch across the river, allowing the baby monkey to jump onto his head and run across his neck into his mother's loving arms. The mother monkey was ever so grateful for their help. Bella and Brody had saved the day!

If you think our twin giraffes are adorable, have a look at our Bella the Giraffe Backpack and Brody the Giraffe Backpack.


Meet Eli the Tiger

Eli was a bully!  He liked to pick on the other animals because he was a lot bigger and stronger than them.  One day the other animals decided to teach Eli a lesson.  Later that evening, whilst Eli was asleep the other animals painted his fur white!  When Eli woke up, all the other animals laughed at how silly he looked.  Seeing how bad it was to be bullied, Eli apologised to all of the other animals for how cruel he had been to them.  The other animals gladly helped him remove the white paint.  Eli is no longer a bully and uses his strength to protect his new friends.

Do you love our fierce Tiger?  Check out our Eli the Tiger Backpack.



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