Social Responsability

At Playzeez we are committed to ensuring that the manufacturing of our products is performed in compliance with the highest legal and ethical standards of social responsibility.

Our Policy

Our corporate social responsibility policy is one that all our factories contractually agree to follow. While we recognize and respect all the cultural and legal environments in which factories operate, our policy sets forth minimum social responsibility requirements that the factories must fulfil in order to do business with us. The policy covers standards in child labour, forced labour and human trafficking. It deals with discrimination, harassment or abuse in the workplace. Policies include compensation and benefits, suitable working hours, health and safety, a safe working environment and ensuring there is no unauthorized use of subcontractors. We set high standards and if our policy exceeds what is applicable by law we require our factories to comply with our standards.

Monitoring and Remediation

At Playzeez we set high standards and require the factories who supply us to keep these standards. With this we have a monitoring program to make sure the factories keep our standards. Since we do not own any of the factories that make our products, regular audits are conducted to verify that the factory is complying with our policy as well as to strengthen working conditions and labour practises in the factories. We contract with an accredited and internationally recognized audit provider to fulfil these audits on our behalf.

Once our factory is assessed we are provided with a report from the assigned auditor. Once assessed we strive to remediate any problems coming from the report. Having worked with our factories over many years we try to address the concerns rather than terminate our contract, as such action is unlikely to correct the underlying issue and may cause further hardship on those who depend on the employment. However, if the factory fails to demonstrate improvement, we reserve the right to terminate the business relationship with the factory.

Training and Education

Monitoring alone is not enough, therefore as part of our long-term solutions we ensure a training program is provided to the factory. The training program outlines our expectations and provides specific guidelines on how to best address concerns in health and safety and employee documentation.