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When creating a Giraffe Backpack for kids we wanted to keep with our theme throughout the Playzeez family and focus on raising awareness for the endangered 'Kordofan Giraffe'.  Endangered species have influenced all of the Playzeez kids character backpack family, which we have done to help educate children on the importance of protecting animals from global extinction.  Kids can learn about all the fun facts around the giraffe species from their giraffe backpack swing ticket.  

When creating the collection, we couldn't decide on the character for our giraffe bag as we had two versions in mind.  We decided to split the character into a boys and girls giraffe backpack, which you can see below.

A little bag for all their big adventures, whether it's used as a giraffe school bag or an everyday backpack for travelling.

Bella & Brody the Giraffe Backpack


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Bella The Giraffe Backpack by Playzeez


Brody The Giraffe Backpack by Playzeez


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About our Giraffe Backpacks

  1. All Materials used to create the giraffe backpack comply with UK/EU regulation standards.
  2. Designed locally in Northern Ireland, with our founder's expertise of 30 years in the Textile and Manufacturing Industry.
  3. Suitable children's backpacks for kids 3 to 6 years old.
  4. All giraffe bags can be personalised to make them special for your little one going to school.
  5. Great kids rucksacks for travelling.