Playzeez Backpack Design Features

Premium Design Features

At Playzeez we have taken great care and consideration to develop a backpack which will give your child the best experience possible. Many of the features that we have added to our backpacks revolve around safety and comfort, but we also wanted to make our backpacks as fun, friendly and premium as possible.

Some of the fun features include child friendly googly eyes, 3D padded features, appliqued facial details, personalized animal print lining and a soft faux fur laptop sleeve.

We incorporated lots of features into our bags to help with comfort and safety. The bag has 2 highly reflective badges to help with visibility at night. There are numerous features designed on the back of the bag to including lots of soft padding, adjustable shoulder straps and height adjustable sternum straps. We only want the best for you and your child and we hope that you can see the time and effort that has went in to making are bags a premium product.

Please watch our video to see all of these features or if you would like more information please read all our information below.


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Playzeez backpacks features


  • 3D padded features to help make the characters more tactile. For the Lion we have padded ears a padded tail and a padded mane.
  • We have added child friendly googly eyes to bring the characters to life.
  • Our front pocket is a PEVA lined, food safe, 3M Thinsulate snack pocket. Keep all your food warm or cold in this cool pocket.
  • A reflective Playzeez badge allows for additional visibility at night.


Playzeez backpacks features


  • We have incorporated in a faux fur lined electronics sleeve.
  • There is a name and address label on the inside to help distinguish your child's bag from al the others.
  • We have added a fun personalised Playzeez lining.
  • Mesh padding has been added to the underside of the straps. This gives your child greater comfort when wearing the backpack.


Playzeez backpacks features


  • We use the highest quality Max zips.
  • Water bottle pockets on both sides of the backpack.
  • Fun 3D padded arms to make the creatures more realistic.


Playzeez backpacks features


  • Padded handle incorporated into the shoulder straps. The padded handle gives extra comfort when transporting the bag around.
  • The fully padded shoulder straps adds extra comfort, along with the mess the straps are extremely comfortable.
  • A reflective Playzeez badge allows for additional visibility at night.
  • The back of the bag is made from padding and a breathable mesh fabric to allow for additional comfort.
  • Quick release buckles on the straps allow for additional child safety.
  • A height adjustable sternum strap has been added to help distribute the backpacks weight more evenly.