International Terms

These terms and conditions apply to all the orders that are to be delivered outside of the UK. These will apply differently depending on whether the delivery address is in the European Union or outside the European Union.

All of our products have been developed and tested to UK and European Standards. If these do not meet your countries required standards, we would advise you not to purchase our product.

At Playzeez we have the right to cancel any order that is made by anyone under the age of 18, where the consent of the persons legal guardian is not received.

Payment and VAT

Payment for all goods will be in GBP (Great British Pounds). The exchange rate will be determined by Paypal or by your bank.

The price you pay to us for the Product is always the same.

VAT (or its equivalent tax) will depend on the country of delivery.

For European Union destinations the price paid for the item/s and applicable delivery charges will include either UK VAT or the equivalent tax in the country to which the product is to be delivered. For Non-European Countries the item/s and the delivery will normally be zero-rated, therefor not subject to UK VAT. However, the price paid by you will remain the same as shown on the website. As no VAT has been charged there is no tax to reclaim from us.

International Delivery

Delivery lead times to international addresses will vary according to the destination but we will try to make sure that all packages are delivered within 30 days of the order. If you have received your confirmation email from us but your package has not arrived within the estimated delivery time, please contact us on

Depending on stock availability, we may split your order into several parts and deliver them separately. You will not receive any additional charge for this. There may be a rare occasion that you order is delayed due to reasons beyond our control, such as strikes, adverse weather, import delays or higher than anticipated demand. You will be contacted instantly if this is the case.